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summit_nj_with_trees_and_road_and_housesPeople who are seeking a great place to live with a strong community will discover that Summit, New Jersey, is the place to live. There are terrific Summit NJ Homes for sale that are ideal for families, couples and individuals. If you are interested in joining the Summit New Jersey Community we would be happy to assist in providing valuable community information as well of a list of the current homes for sale in the Summit area! Do not hesitate to contact us!

Summit, originally settled by Native Americans, has a long and interesting history. There have been a number of names that the community has been called. Names include “Turkey Hill and “Heights over Springfield.” Eventually, it received the name it has today. Originally a farming community, people from New York City began to move into the area, and they built Summit Homes. The Rahway Valley Railroad connected Summit with other parts of the surrounding countryside. In the past one of the towns most important companies was was the Summit Silk Company. The Summit Silk Company was at the center of Summit’s economic commerce and is responsible for much of the towns historic growth.

A interested Summit Home Buyer will have plenty of parks to visit. Residents may enjoy time outdoors at one of the many parks in the area. Many of the parks feature playgrounds for children and some parks have pavilions that are ideal for activities or barbeques.

Youth and children have plenty of athletic activities to join, as do adults. An excellent center for activities is the local Recreation Center. Other recreational opportunities for people of various ages are found here.

downtown_summit_njPeople who are considering Homes for sale in Summit have many attractions to visit. The Greenwood Gardens has some of the most beautiful flowers and shrubbery in the surrounding area. It is a fantastic place to spend a few hours and enjoy the great outdoors.

Shoppers will enjoy a visit to downtown Summit, where there is something for everyone. Clothing stores, restaurants and many activities to enjoy.

Summit has many events to be enjoyed for those of all ages!
One of the biggest annual events is the Cars & Croissants, which is a celebration of Father’s Day. During this event families are invited to visit Summit Farms Market for local produce and goods from the area.Just following, people can go across the street to visit over 100 vintage cars.

Stephanie Mallios is a great source of information concerning Summit Homes for sale! People can find homes that will fit into any budget! Summit is a wonderful place to live and has much to offer everyone